Non-Caesar salad (160g) 130
Spring roll with avocado, vegetables and sweet chili sauce (140g) 110
Soya sprouts with smoked turkey (170g) 130
Soya sprouts with cucumber and garden greens (150g) 100


Tom Kha soup with chicken and coconut milk cream (300g) 150
Indian lentil soup “Dhal” (300g) 130

Main course

Palak panir with side dish on your choice (200/120g) 180
Meatballs with Asian style sauce with side dish on your choice (180/120g) 180
Pork bits with bbq sauce and side dish on your choice (130/120g) 200
Chinese style pork dumplings (dziaodzi) (200/40g) 150
Egg noodles with oyster mushrooms and Shiitake mushrooms (200g) 140


Side dishes

Creamy rice with curry
Mashed potato


Mango strudel (100g) 100
Cottage cheese mousse with bananas (100g) 100
Steamed buns (2 pcs) 20


Ginger apple drink (cold or hot) 200 ml 70
Lemongristo (lemongrass, lime, soda water) 200 ml 70
Panchitta (grenadine, coconut, cinnamon, soda water) 200 ml 70
Tea (on your choice) 40
Coffee Americano 150 ml 70
Coffee Americano with milk 200 ml 70
Hot chocolate with syrup 200 ml 70
Special lunch menu is offered on Monday-Friday from 12.00 till 16.00