IDOL bar represents new generation of Tiki gastro-bar industry, we perform you an amazing combination of traditional Tiki concept coming along with our particular creative vision. We bet - you'll like it!
We welcome you to join us in this wonderful journey! Tiki bar is an entire novel world to discover. Here's a place to forget dull routine and dive into tropical paradise! Surround yourself with bittersweet ocean breeze.. Wanna try? Of course!

Lab of cocktails

IDOL bar cocktail collection is a depository of original recipes, authentic blends and a very unique "cocktail lab", where we create pure perfection for you, and where every drink is "must-try"!

We can say for sure, Tiki cocktails are the most impressive beverages ever created by bartenders art. At our bar we make original Tiki cocktails with the best ingredients, and also create our own special blends, to present you the perfect mastery of bar mixology!

Here you can also find "classics" of bartending art, world-known hits - cocktails, that you've definitely heard about or maybe tried before, here's a great opportunity to try them again, or maybe you would prefer to explore some rare masterpiece of bartenders artwork made by our professionals!

Distilled spirits

In addition to our fantastic cocktails we also offer you best quality world-famous liquors, rum and others. Here you can find specifically brewed beers and top quality wines for real connoisseurs.


IDOL's menu is based on several leading trends of gastronomic vogue, that becomes more and more popular among the connoisseurs around the world.

Asian cuisine, that was born in the East. It is a characteristic style of cooking practices and traditions, usually associated with a specific culture.

And also South American cuisine, which is heavily influenced by New Orleans common dishes, such as BBQ, smoked ribs etc..

"Smoker" and Wok, Brisket BBQ and Udon noodles - imagine that we combine them specifically to create a really innovative dish! Don't believe it's possible? Just come and try!


And of course IDOL is not only about gastronomic delights. Our atmosphere - that's what make it a very special place. We offer you an unforgettable tropical journey to the "modern Voodoo", accompanying by eclectic music styles. Famous music artists from Moscow and Samara are here for you to perform their best compositions. You'll get unforgettable experience of interactive shows and storytelling. We invite you to the new magic world!

We blend beverages, cook delicious food, create new tendencies. This is our vision of hospitality and high service. Our mission is to make our guests feel new emotions, get new experience and become our friend. Our chefs, bartenders, designers and administration staff are happy to welcome you in IDOL !