Salads and starters

Vegetable julienne with ginger mayonnaise (220g) 200
Soy sprouts salad (200g) 180
Sweet tomato seviche (160g) 160
Asian style minced beef with nuts (130g) 350
Calamares with grapefruit and mandarin (200g) 300
Crispy aubergine with sweet chilli (200g) 270
Shrimp wrap with Tom Yum sauce (180g) 380
Sweet and sour chicken wings (400g) 300


Singapore noodle soup with seafood (350g) 400
New Orleans Gambo (350g) 320




Cabbage with pork (5x40g) 250
Chicken with shrimp (5x40g) 250
Pickled salmon (5x40g) 250

Our specials

Pulled pork with barbecue sauce (200/100g) 350
Smoked beef scapula (200/100g) 450
Smoked turkey with creamy mustard (200/100g) 370
Asian meatballs with Miso sauce (250g) 250

Noodles & Curry

Egg noodles with pepper and beef (350g) 330
Rice noodles with shrimps and tamarind (350g) 330
Chicken with mint and yellow curry (350/130g) 350
Seafood with red curry (350/130g) 420
Tom yum curry with shrimps and chicken (350/130g) 420

Side dishes

Mashed potato (150g) 140
Rice with cream and vegetables (150g) 100


Panna Cotta «Pina Colada» (130g) 220
Bananas Foster with homemade ice-cream (150g) 200